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The founder and artistic director, Dominic Ulli,

has poured his creative power into everything he's touched.

As a young artist in the world's major circus companies,

technical manager of various stages,

studio manager in film and television, actor in the theater,

director of large companies, show productions,

developers of artistic innovations

- always interested in developing something new

and captivating the audience.

With The Art of Show

he has created a field of activity

in which his limitless imagination,

immense experience

and technical knowledge flow together.

This is the space

where innovation takes place

and allows to

create a spectacle like no other.


Emotions work across continents, cultures,

identities and life stories

We all laugh, we all cry, we are all surprised,

awestruck and moved. 
Awakening these emotions in the audience

- that's what we live for. 
To achieve this - that is what we strive for. 

Your experience is our passion!

For our vision of the experience,

which touches and moves emotionally,

we work exclusively at the highest level:

with international top artists,

leading stage and lighting designers,

recognized musicians and composers

and renowned showpeople. 

We are only satisfied with the best!


smARTec, Event Technology

Aura Zurich

Gamma Catering

Franzoli, Catering

Komvent Mark Straehl

Bost Productions GmbH

Blofeld Communications AG

Joker Media

Marcus Nigsch, Composer 

Witwinkel, Photography

Razzia Zurich, Restaurant and Event Organizer

Mirena Vasileva, Make-up Artist

Plüss AG, Mechanics and Composites

Image by Bank Phrom


night of the stars.jpg


01.06.2022 - Plovdiv, Bulgaria

The Encho Keryazov Foundation provides financial support for talented children with their yearly charity event "Night of the Stars"

It encourages talented children and young people in their efforts and aspirations to develop their talents and potential in the
field of culture and sports, education and technology.

L'viv - Vivid.jpeg


12.05.2022 - Zurich, Switzerland

The internationally successful director, artist and show producer Dominic Ulli was working together with 25 artists, singers and dancers who have fled from the Ukraine on a program in which they talk about what they experienced during the war. The show celebrated their premiere on May 12th 2022 in the
Aeschbachhalle in Aarau.



02.10. - 15.12.2021 - Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich's most popular dinner show Pink Rabbit is back. From October to December 2021, the audience is enjoying the extravagant show with numerous acts inspired by a wide variety of art forms with an exquisite dinner and colorful ambience. The Pink Rabbit invites its guests to an evening for all the senses to celebrate life together.

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