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Balloon Girl (full version)

The dream of flying - a magical act.

A little girl floats through the air on beautiful, huge balloons - this weightless dance gracefully enchants the audience and moves deep in the heart. The dream of flying comes true...

Balloon Girl (highlights)

Ukrainian refugies perform L'VIV - VIVID 

The internationally successful director, artist and show producer Dominic Ulli was working together with 25 artists, singers and dancers who have fled from the Ukraine on a program in which they talk about what they experienced during the war. The show celebrated their premiere on May 12th 2022 in the
Aeschbachhalle in Aarau.

Pink Rabbit Dinner Show Zurich

Zurich's most popular dinner show Pink Rabbit is back. From October to December 2021, the audience will enjoy the extravagant show with numerous acts inspired by early art forms with an exquisite dinner and colorful ambience. The Pink Rabbit invites its guests to an evening for all the senses to celebrate life together.

Since October 2020, the renowned Restaurant & Bar Club has been inspiring with a unique event concept, spectacular shows, world-class artists and luxurious food. Culturally diverse, the establishment with Pink Rabbit creates an appealing, exciting, rousing and unforgettable dinner experience in a class of its own.

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